Preventative Dentistry in Foster City, CA

tooth cleaning

Preventative dentistry is the foundation of dentistry that helps provide a cleaner and brighter smile. Routine professional cleanings are vital to preventative care and help keep your teeth free from decay while maintaining your gum health. Gum disease can contribute to systemic disease, so it is crucial to receive thorough and regular cleanings.

Cleanings, consultations, and regular dental exams provide you the opportunity to find and treat oral diseases and conditions before they become unmanageable. Dr. Qian understands that patients often don’t look forward to their bi-annual cleanings, so she uses an ultrasonic scaler to maximize your comfort and minimize treatment time. The ultrasonic scaler vibrates faster than sound to remove plaque and tartar while providing minimal “scraping” of your enamel.

Our exams, cleanings, and X-ray services are a great supplement to your at-home hygiene routine and are important to a lifetime of clean teeth and healthy gums.
We want to make preventative dentistry safe, comfortable, and affordable for you. We take our time to create a custom detailed analysis of your oral health and to explain your best treatment options.

We hope to offer you relaxing preventative dentistry because we care about our patients’ oral health and patient satisfaction. Schedule your next appointment today with us by calling (650)-572-8518.

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