Dental Bridges in Foster City, CA

Dental bridge

A dental bridge is a permanent solution to replace a lost tooth or teeth. Patients often prefer the simple maintenance required for bridges because they only need regular brushing and cleaning. A bridge is made of durable materials and is a functional and natural-looking solution for filling gaps left by missing teeth. A bridge earns its name by providing a “bridge” between the natural teeth, placing replacement teeth (also called pontics) in the gap. The bridge is attached to retaining teeth for stability.


Bridges are available in four different types, depending on how the bridge is fixed onto the retaining teeth. 


Dr. Qian will always consider the patient’s specific situation when recommending a particular type of bridge, including:

The position of the gap in the mouth
The condition of the abutting teeth
The patient’s budget and cosmetic goals

The four bridge options are:
Traditional: Bonded to crowns on each side of the bridge.
Implant-Supported: Bonded to crowns on top of implants on each side of the bridge.

Cantilever: Bonded by only one crown on an abutment tooth.
Maryland: Uses framework bonded to non-crowned abutment teeth.

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